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Name:| Carpe Diem | Carpe Noctem |

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43things, 80's fantasy movies, 8o's music, altruism, anam cara, androgyny, angelic voices, architecture, armand, art, autumn, biodiversity, black, blood, books, boots, candles, castles, cathedrals, celtic music, coffee, compassion, contact juggling, corsets, costumes, curls, dancing, dark fantasy, darkness, david bowie, depeche mode, drew sarich, ecodiversity, empathy, enviromentalism, erik, eternal beauty, europe, european history, eveningwear, fae, faerie, faerie folklore, faeries, fantasy, france, glam, glitter, goblin king, goblins, goth, gothic horror, graveyards, green tea, guitar, harmony, history, hugs, human rights, imaginary friends, imagination, immortality, inner beauty, inner child, interview with the vampire, ireland, italian, italian renaissance, jareth, jareth/armand is my otp, journaling, kindness, labyrinth, latin, lestat, literature, love, magic, make-up, masks, mirrors, misunderstood villians, moonlight, museums, music, musicals, mythology, new york city, night, obsession, opera, oscar wilde, pansexuality, paris, passion, phantom of the opera, pianos, poetry, pure hearts, queer as folk, random acts of kindness, renaissance, role playing, romance, romantic gestures, romanticism, roses, russia, sarcasm, savage garden, selflessness, senseless acts of beauty, sensuality, sexy hands, shoes, sidhe, silver jewelry, singing, slash, snarking, song writing, soul friends, soundtracks, sphereplay, spirit guides, spiritualism, spirituality, starbucks, sustainability, swords, tarot, tattoos, tea, tenors, the vampire armand, unconventional beauty, unseelie fae, used bookstores, vampire chronicles, vampires, vegetarian food, vegetarianism, velvet, venice, vinyl, virgo, web design, writing
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